Decoding Health Podcast: Explorations in How to Thrive

Healing and Preventing Hormonal Imbalance, Thyroid Disease, and Cancer with Karen Hurd PART 1

June 20, 2022 Sarah Carlson / Karen Hurd Season 1 Episode 1
Decoding Health Podcast: Explorations in How to Thrive
Healing and Preventing Hormonal Imbalance, Thyroid Disease, and Cancer with Karen Hurd PART 1
Show Notes

For our first episode, we're speaking with Karen Hurd, a nutritionist and biochemist who began her work by saving her own daughter's life from liver failure due to chemical poisoning.  For part 1, we focus here on how the detoxification process actually works in the body, looking deeply at the liver. Then we look at the different impacts that certain foods and habits have on our hormonal system and how you can support your body to stay in balance.

I have used her healing approach to good effect with clients and in balancing my hormones for overall health, and to prevent a breast cancer recurrence. If this is something you would like to work with me on, sign up for my newsletter at my website or contact me to schedule an exploratory call. 

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The full transcript of the interview is linked HERE.

Here is an Quote from Karen Hurd:

"So we have to put this waste somewhere. So where do we put it? We put it into a digestive fluid called bile. Bile. It's something that the liver makes. It's made out of fat, so you can take a fat-soluble toxin and put it into a fat. I want to tell you, when we're thinking fat-soluble toxins, probably what's going through everybody's mind is, "Oh, that's the roundup, that's the glyco-phosphates," these, you know, terrible fertilizers and things that we put on crops or that's, you know, all these things that I'm breathing in from, you know, the air pollution or whatever it is.

Well, no, actually, the vast majority of your toxic waste is things that you produce yourself. It's just the metabolic waste from the chemical reactions that happen in your body and all your hormones. Your hormones are fat soluble. So we have to get rid of those hormones because hormones don't get used up when they cause chemical reactions to happen.

They don't get used up in the reaction. They just continue to go on and trigger more and more reactions. So you have if you get too many hormones, you're going to over-trigger reactions. We're going to get rid of them. Who gets rid of them? The liver. The liver puts them in your bile because bile is made out of fat, and you put fat soluble substances in bile, in a fat substance."

Here on the Decoding Health Podcast, we’re tracing the healing journey and speaking with people who have offered something unique and powerful in their work. Often I have incorporated aspects of their approach into my own healing or the way I work with clients.

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